The K'ómoks First Nation opens the I-Hos Gallery on the IR#1 (Courtenay).

"I-hos" (prenounced I-hoa-s) the double-headed sea serpent, and "Queneesh" the white whale are captured on the distinctive, carved cedar housefront of the gallery.


K'ómoks joins the Hamatla Treaty Society.


K'ómoks gets a health centre on IR#1


A new housing subdivision on IR#1 begins.


Pentlatch Seafoods Ltd. Incorporated.


The Puntledge RV Campground and Nim Nim Interpretive Centre open on IR#2 (Courtenay).


K'ómoks withdraws from the Hamatla Treaty Society, to independently pursue a treaty.


BCTC accepts K'ómoks' Statement of Intent.


The K'ómoks Treaty Agreement In Principle is approved and signed.


The K'ómoks First Nation purchases Aquatec Seafoods, and becomes Salish Sea Foods.


July 2014, members of the K'ómoks First Nation embarked on a traditional and spiritual journey to Bella Bella for the Qatuwas “People Gathering Together” festival. The Tribal Journey is a semi-annual event in which first nations from up and down the West Coast as far north as Alaska, and as south as Washington and Oregon travel by canoe to gather and honor our ancestors and share our cultures.


The new administration building opens: Since time immemorial, the K'ómoks people would gather together every year and form the Kwanis'awt'xw or Whale House. This was our true power: unity. On this day, December 12, 2014, we called our people to once again come together in the Whale House. We call on our ancestors to guide us; to ensure that the decisions made within the walls of this new building will be sound ones that benefit the continued strength of the K'ómoks people.


The K'ómoks Guardian Watchmen are launched.


A Land Code is ratified by the people of the K'ómoks First Nation, at a vote of 92%.




K’òmoks First Nation Unceded Traditional Territory Acknowledgement

 In the spirit of reconciliation, it is encouraged and appreciated that our local organizations show acknowledgement of the K’òmoks First Nation unceded Traditional Territory at their public and internal gatherings when appropriate.

 Here is the acknowledgement we recommend:

[Our organization] respectfully acknowledges that we are standing on the Unceded traditional territory of the K’òmoks First Nation.

Stewardship Policy Fee Schedule


tuwa akʷs χoχoɬ ʔa xʷ yiχmɛtɛt (ʔa) kʷʊms hɛhaw tʊms gɩǰɛ 
 "Care takers of the 'land of plenty' since time immemorial"
(Language: ʔay̓aǰuθəm (eye-uhh-juu-eth-em) Island Comox)