March 17, The K'ómoks First Nation and the City of Courtenay signed a water and sanitary sewer services agreement for the Puntledge IR#2. (Story here)


October 5, The K'ómoks First Nation and TimberWest Forest Corp. sign a Memorandum of Understanding (Story here)


The K’ómoks First Nation, Qualicum First Nation, Steve Thomson, Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations and John Rustad, Minister of Aboriginal Relations – sign a Forestry Tenures Opportunity Agreement, a Disposition Agreement and First Nations Woodland License.


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K'omoks Marine Use Plan | Interactive Map

 "Care takers of the 'land of plenty' since time immemorial"
tuwa akʷs χoχoɬ ʔa xʷ yiχmɛtɛt (ʔa) kʷʊms hɛhaw tʊms gɩǰɛ 
Language: ʔay̓aǰuθəm (eye-uhh-juu-eth-em) Island Comox