Tribal Journeys 2014

This July 2014, members of the K’omoks First Nation embarked on a traditional and spiritual journey to Bella Bella for the Qatuwas “People Gathering Together” festival. The Tribal Journey is a semi-annual event in which first nations from up and down the West Coast as far north as Alaska, and as south as Washington and Oregon travel by canoe to gather and honor our ancestors and share our cultures. 

This Journey could not have happened for our nation without the dedication of a small group of K'omoks members, who for the past year fundraised aggressively, and dedicated all their spare time, and even more than that, to make sure we could participate. We would like to thank those members, as well as all the volunteers who helped out, and all those who donated in every way they could. This Journey meant a tremendous amount to those who went, it connected our youth with each other as well as gave them an understanding of the past, and built strong community connections within our nation, as well as strengthened friendships with other nations. We would also like to thank Chief and Council for their generous donation to repair the I-Hos, our traditional canoe, to make this Journey. 

We look forward to the next Tribal Journey to Nisqually Washington in 2016!

Gila’kasla/ Huy'ch'qa