Ec. Dev. CEO: Melinda Knox

Melinda Knox is a proud member of the K’ómoks First Nation with 30+ years in the field of business and program administration.  She started her career in the private sector with a banking institution and from there entered the public sector with the Department of National Defence administering human resource specializing in pay and program benefits to approximately 600 employees.

For 16 years she served as the K’ómoks First Nation’s Band Manager. Apart from day to day operations, she had the pleasure of working with Councils and staff in developing visions of the community, Aboriginal rights and title, land and resources, band governance and  including  the Nations’ businesses ranging from the Puntledge Campground, Pentlatch Seafoods, I- Hos Gallery, and Queneesh Trailer Park and Salish  Seafoods. She was instrumental and successful in creating wealth within the KFN.  As the CEO for K’ómoks First Nations’ Economic Development Corporation, she now focuses her time in creating JV Partnerships and overseeing the businesses owned by our Nation.  She also volunteers as a Director for the Comox Valley Economic Development Society and the Community Justice Centre.

Family is important to her. She has K’ómoks and Cowichan Tribe origins; her mother Constance (nee Hardy) was from K’ómoks through her father Ernest, and her mother Henrietta belonged to the Cowichan Tribes. Married for 35+ years, she has the support of her wonderful husband Brian with whom they raised two successful entrepreneurial children, Brian and Jennifer Knox. They proudly welcomed Ethan, their first grandchild.

250.339.4545 ext. 114
3330 Comox Rd., Courtenay BC, V9N 3P8

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